Don Quixote, The Paper Trail and Carthusian monks

Last Saturday we visited "Los Batanes" (Lozoya Valley, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park - Madrid, Spain) with Meirat Foundation to know the amazing history of this place. The guided tour was included in European Heritage Days.

For around 600 years, the Carthusian Order, a Catholic religious order of enclosed monastics, manufactured handmade paper here and the first paper used for printing Don Quixote was made by them.

It´s a nice paradox that these enclosed monks talked to the World with books.

The Carthusian monks arrived  in the fifteenth century to Monastery of Santa María del Paular; the first monastery in Castile, founded in 1390 by order of  John I of Spain.

"2000 years ago handmade paper started toward Europe. It reached Lozoya Valley with de arrival of the Carthusian Order, who came from Tortosa (Catalunya) in the XIV Century. For nearly 600 years the manufacture of handmade paper has been a constant at Lozoya Valley". Meirat Foundation. - Vimeo

Monastery of Santa María del Paular, Lozoya Valley - Madrid, Spain

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