Strangers writers

I'm reading Crónica del alba, Ramón J. Sender (Spain, 1901 - U.S. 1982). He is a rare Spanish writer or perhaps a strange writer? César Aira talked about it in an interview:

"I´m one of the few, strangers writers who actualy likes to write. There are many writers who want to be writers (...) But actually the don´t like the work of writting. Every ten years they exert theysemlves in order to maintain their Writer`s Licence by making the sacrifice of writting a book. That´s not the case with me. I write every day because I take pleasure in it. And even though I write very little". 

If you take a book of Ramón J. Sender or Cesar Aira you realize the joy of their work. Ramon J. Sender as the Spanish writers Vicente Blasco Ibáñez  or Alberto Vazquez Figueroa have a tumultuous ability to create a cosmos of life.

"Everyone says that I write a lot but it's nothing compared to I´ve seen and experienced; and besides, no one has ever seen me write because I get up early and write every day two or three hours. That's enough for me". R.J.Sender.

Ramón J. Sender. Crónica del alba. Pepe is ten years old and loves Valentina. A story full of tenderness and humor. Considered to be one of the best narrative works of Republican literature in exile. 
Alberto Vázquez Figueroa. Tuareg. Tuaregs are the true sons of the desert: able to survive like no others can. Freedownload. - Spanish
Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. The Four Horsemen of the Apolypse. Its 1919 English translation became the best-selling novel in the U.S. acording to Publishers Weekly, who hailed it as a "superbly human story told by a genius".   

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