The most beloved Spanish writer

...at least in Spain.
A few years ago my Japanese friend asked me who was the most beloved writer in Spain; I said, Miguel Delibes.

It was the year 2010 and shortly thereafter Miguel Delibes died; she was impressed by the response of people. The Spanish media but also foreigners as The Guardian, Independet or The New York Times wrote about his death.

"He also drew life in the countryside, with a profound empathy for nature and the poor", Michael Eaude. The Guardian.

Most newspapers wrote about his best books but missed his most popular novel: El Camino ( The Road), The Telegraph was an exception: "a coming of age novel published in 1950, which has been required reading for generations of Spanish schoolchildren"; and so in my opinion, it´s a perfect book for students of Spanish:

"The novel is dedicated enterily to Daniel´s memories [a normal, active boy of eleven] of the good life of natural spontaneity in his pleasant valley".

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