Rushdie, Saviano, Pamuk and Horacio Castellanos Moya

In 1997 Horacio Castellanos Moya wrote Disgust. "After its publication, Castellanos Moya received death threats that forced him into exile"; like Salman Rushdie, Roberto Saviano or Turkish novelist Oran Pamuk.

About his books, some readers talk about they are melancholic an even cynical. But Castellanos Moya explained that the focus point of his literature is in other side: there are two kind of writers. Some of them, like me, are stuck in one place, "like James Joyce in Dublin; and others like Paul Bowles can write about any place where they go: 

"I have said that my first memory is a bombing that destroyed the porch of the house of my grandparents. Back then my granfather was the president of a nationalist party and was conspiring (...); I was a child of therre who came outside in her grandmother´s arms amidst the ululation of the sirens. I lived my adolescence in the prolegomena of a civil war, and later I became a journalist in the convering of that long war".
I never believed there were individuals so fake, so wretched, so vile, truly rebolting beings, after they sent so many people to their deaths; Disgust.
This Salvadoran writer was brought up in El Salvador and has lived, sincer 1979, in different cities throught America and Europe. He worked as a journalist in Mexico City for 20 years and lived in Frankfurt, Germany, Pensylvania; has been invited as a guest professor at the University of Tokyo... but he lives stuck in a question.

"I don`t have found what is the true in this kind of situation, then I recreate that in fiction trying to get that true. Perhaps certainly I dont´t get it" 

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