How to talk about a monster - Junot Diaz, Vargas Llosa

I read again the novel by Junot Diaz, The brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao for comparison with the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, The Fest of the Goat.  

Both of them are focused on the life of  Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, "the brutal dictator who ruled the Dominican Republican from 1930 to 1961".

If you are a reader, maybe you can read them but, if you are a writer (I think) you must read them. Everyone has spoken of lenguaje use on the novel by Diaz: spanglish; but to me, you can look these works around a single theme, as a crossroad.

Mario Vargas Llosa win his Nobel Prize in Literature  "for his cartography of structures of power" and wrote the novel like "a kaleidoscopic portrait of dictatorial power, incluiding its psychological effects (...) the nature of power and corruption, their relationship to machismo and sexual perversion in a rigidly hierarchical society".

He focused on the seniors members of the government; Junot Diaz on ordinary people: a political chronicle in contrast daily life.

...so if you want to talk about a monster, nowdays, what is the most appropiate? Maybe, they have the answer.

(and finally, a curiosity, Trujillo and his son are buried in Madrid, Spain) 

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