Tolstoi vs Dostoyevski, García Lorca vs Cernuda

We know that the world is divided between Tolstoi´s readers and Dostoyevski´s readers (a friend of me anwers boring: I love Chejov) but spanish´readers are involved in another fight without mercy.

Of course there is Cervantes´readers against Lope de Vega´s readers and Lope´s readers against Calderon´s readers... Oh my godness!

But, all these battles I prefer to García Lorca versus Cernuda. If you´re lucky enough to find a brave Spanish reader you can give the ultimate question... Do you prefer "without doubt the most famous Spanish playwright [and poet] of the twentieh century" or (the war drums begin to sound) the most "unsociable and dandified" member of the Generation of '27?

I’d Like to Be Alone in the South    

Perhaps my lazy eyes won’t see the south again
With its light landscapes drowsing in the air,
Its flowerlike bodies lying in the shade
Or running away at a gallop like mad horses.

The south is a desert crying as it sings,
And that voice never stops like a dead bird;
It sends its bitter desire down to the sea
Creating a faint echo that takes its time.

I want to be blended with that distant south,
The rain there is nothing but an opening rose;
Its very fog laughs, a white laugh in the wind.

Its darkness and its light are equally lovely.

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