Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Cuba

If you are thinking about to star reading Spanish literature, in mi opinion you have to look into the literature of four countries: Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and Argentina.

Of course, there are remarkable exceptions like Castellanos Moya  born in Honduras; Hernán Rivera Letelier in Chile or the Peruvian Vargas Llosa but the above mentioned four countries, specially Argentina and Mexico, and the sperhead of Spanish literature.

The new writer I have discovered is Selva Almada. She come to Madrid last year to attend the Ñ Festival and she was so observant and quite - she said in an interview, I hate traveling, it takes me out of myself - her presentation made you to go inmediatly running to nearest bookshop to find her books... Why? Because, I suppose everybody enjoy reading about a peculiar inner life.

A bible story, a handful of ardent lives... Almada has written her novel, El viento que arrasa, The Sweeping Wind like a dry true: If you choose to live out of reality (in an abstract idea) women and children will be force to leave and you will become part of the arid  landscape of Chaco forever.

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