The Writers´ treasures

Maribel Orgaz - info@leerenmadrid.com / Translated by Isabel González 
The Instituto Cervantes in Madrid has shown a great initiative: to use the vault located in its headquarters, a building which was previously a bank, and keep in the safe boxes the treasures deposited there by different Spanish authors. There are more than 1000 safe boxes in total, and only a few have been used so far. A great job is still ahead!

Francisco Ayala has been the first writer who has deposited his treasure. Each author may choose to keep inside whatever they want to, and they will be disclosed precisely when they set to do it and only then.  It can be letters, books or objects.

At the moment there are treasures from Elena Ponjatowksa, Nicanor Parra, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Henriquez Ureña and Antonio Gamoneda.  We will have to wait until the exact day in which each one will be opened to get to know the treasure of each writer.

The vault will be opened to the public only for special occasions, for example on October 12th the Spanish National Day (El Día de la Hispanidad).
If you are a happy reader visiting Madrid as a tourist, please check the web from Instituto Cervantes to know if it is opened during the days of your visit and have a great time in our beautiful city.

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