The Little Writers Museum - Madrid, Spain

Maribel Orgaz - info@leerenmadrid.com / Translated by Isabel González
The old typewriter or the spectacles, manuscripts, a hat....these are only some of the collected objects you can find in the bookshop and cultural centre "Centro de Arte Moderno". If you are a happy reader enjoying a few days in our city and you are looking for a bookshop specialized in Spanish literature, this is the place!

If you would like the chance to see Cortazar´s spectacles or to get to know Onetti´s calligraphy, you have to visit this place. The owners are two Argentinians, Raúl Manrique Girón y Claudio Pérez Mínguez. They knew Borges personally and they are always willing to share anecdotes from the life and writing style of many authors.

Entry to the Museum is free and guided-tours, also free, can be organized.

Centro de Arte Moderno
Madrid, Spain
C/Galileo, 52 28015 
Tf. 34-914298363 


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