When the olives need to drop down - Albacete, Spain

Maribel Orgaz / Translated by Isabel González - info@leerenmadrid.com
Dear Readers,
It makes me very happy to announce that I have been awarded the first prize at the Villapalacios (Albacete) writers Award.  I would like to share it with everyone who would like to read it. You can find it here.
Villapalacios has been organizing this event during the past eight years, granting two different awards, Poetry and Narrative. The contest is open to Spanish writers from the whole world.
The person behind this event is Loli, the librarian, her passion to spread the love for books is full of imagination and hard work. For example, she told me she has just opened a book club about the Bible, which includes senior participants who are illiterate.
Villapalacios is located near a Protected Natural Area and the population makes a living from olive oil. This year, the drought in Spain is severe.  In Villapalacios, people need to follow the rain records and they are posted on a piece of paper outside shops in town. They are waiting for the rain to harvest the olives. Even during the award ceremony, this was clearly their main concern. It seems the rain makes olives gain the weight they need to drop to the ground when the branches and even the stems of the trees are vigorously shaken (“vareado”) during harvesting. If the olives are too small they will not drop down, no matter how much one shakes the tree.  Why am I telling you all this? Just to explain that the feelings I perceived were of concern and anxiety.

They explained to me that they had even tried to water the trees, but if the drought persists for a long time, the trees become Indifferent. Most times they do not die, but do not produce any olives either.  There are always captivating stories to listen and write about,
Aren´t there?

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